The Second Sound has been the most supportive and most professional collaborative business when it comes to everything relating to my music. From day one they have stuck out their necks to provide me with the best sounding mixes and best career advice. They are an easy going group of people who get the job done fast and with the highest quality.
— Michelle Periera


Producing • Mixing • Mastering • Editing • Track Building • Vocal Comping


Ready To Record?

We take our years of collective experience and help guide singer-songwriters through the production process to create beautiful music.  Our goal is to help you get the best possible recording and really optimize the final product within your budget!



Producing • Editing • Publishing • Managing • Theme Songs • Consultations

When deciding to start a podcast, I had no idea of the first step. Second sound made that so easy! From the professional podcasting equipment to the production quality, literally all I have to do it show up and talk. They take care of everything else!
— Lindsey (The Champagne Way)

Want to start a Podcast?

We are a one stop Podcasting shop. From first consultation to publishing your first episode, we ‘ll take our experience in creating one of Nashville’s top podcasts, The Champagne Way, and help guide you and your team to success.

In the Nashville area? You can record in our South or East Nashville studio locations, or we can come to you. Not in the area? No worries. Just send us the audio files and we’ll take it from there, adding your intro & outro, and helping you manage the publishing process.




Need help growing your career?

With over 12 years of professional experience in the music industry, we are here to help you navigate the Music Biz with confidence. Let us leverage our knowledge, experiences, and connections to streamline your operations, effectively manage your success, and create new opportunities for you to grow your career along the way.

Artist Management • Creative Consultations • Content Planning • Production Planning • Music Biz Mentoring • Tour Support • Show Advancement • Website / Logo Design

Second Sound is amazing. They produce the podcast I co-host, and it’s been nothing but a great experience working with them. They are so professional, and make sure everything runs smoothly during our recording sessions, whether it’s just us, or whether we have guests on. And they have the magic touch when it comes to post-production. And that’s saying something for a podcast where at least two bottles of champagne are imbibed every episode, so you never know what’s going to come out of our mouths!
— Jess (The Champagne Way)